Welcome to Kinetic Fitness!

For 2017 we are introducing a new strength training class called “Sweat Therapy.” Get a workout that releases happy hormones and leaves you feeling strong and fierce, ready to take on the world!


Sweat Therapy Schedule: 
Monday 5:45 – 6:45 p.m. instructor Tiff
Wednesday 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. (mommy + me edition) instructors Tiff and Leah
Friday 9 – 10 a.m. instructor Leah
Saturday 9 – 10 a.m. instructor Leah or Tiff


Sweat Therapy Rates: 
$20 per class / $120 for 6 classes (expires in 8 weeks) w/o current client membership
$18 per class / $108 for 6 classes (expires in 8 weeks) w/ current client membership


Sweat Therapy Mommy + Me Edition
Moms! Check it out, a dual class that allows you and your child to exercise at the same time! Kids learn about fitness with fun and enjoyable exercise routines that promote endurance, flexibility, strength and agility. Kids learn a skill of the day and go head-to-head with their mom at the end of the workout with a challenge! Moms enjoy a sweat-filled session focused on endurance, strength and metabolism-boosting exercises. Only $35 per mom + child if you are new to us, for current clients it’s $30. Each additional child is $10. Suitable for ages 4 and up. Classes begin Jan. 11 and held every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.


New Trainer at Kinetic! 
Tiny Tiff has joined Kinetic to train and instruct classes! She is Tiffany Lueng is a world-record powerlifter, NASM certified personal trainer and former soccer player who specializes in teaching kids and adults the fundamentals of strength training. She is a San Jose State graduate and worked previously at ClubSport Pleasanton. She teaches a women-only strength class at Combat Sports Academy and now offers personal training and classes at kinetic. Check out her website: http://www.tinytifffitness.com/.


Membership Packages:



Personal Training Membership 2x per week

$40 per session / $320 per month

Personal Training Membership 3x per week

$35 per session / $420 per month

Sweat Therapy class

Without Personal Training:

$20 per class / $120 for 6 classes*

With Personal Training:

$18 per class / $108 for 6 classes*

*8-week expiration

Sweat Therapy class mommy + me edition

Without Personal Training:

$35 per class for 1 mom + 1 child / $210 for 6 classes*

With Personal Training: $30 per class for 1 mom + 1 child / $180 for 6 classes*

*8-week expiration / $10 for ea. add’l child

Drop-In Rates:



Personal Training A La Carte Session


Sweat Therapy Single Class*


Sweat Therapy Mommy + Me Single Class*


*First class is always a free trial


The Year to Get Strong

“It is a shame for one to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” — Socrates

Why not make 2016 your year to get strong – physically and mentally! Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to beat physical and mental health issues – heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, stress, sarcopenia, physical stress injuries, obesity, diabetes… the list goes on. Bonus? You will look and feel good and be empowered by what your body can do.

Start your year of strong now with Kinetic Fitness and you will receive $50 off your monthly rate for January and February! Plus, you receive two free classes!

Monday: 9-11 am / 4-8 pm
Tuesday: 7-9 pm
Wednesday: 9-11 am
Thursday: 4-8 pm
Friday: 9-11 am
Saturday: 9-11 am

KidsFit Classes

KidsFit classes offered Monday and Wednesdays 4-5 p.m. taught by Sarah

Strength training can:
Increase your child’s muscle strength and endurance
Help protect your child’s muscles and joints from sports-related injuries
Improve your child’s performance in nearly any sport, from dancing and figure skating to football and soccer
Develop proper techniques that your child can continue to use as he or she grows older
Even if your child isn’t interested in sports, strength training can:
Strengthen your child’s bones
Help promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Help your child maintain a healthy weight
Improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem

During our KidsFit class, we focus on teaching kids basic strength skills using bodyweight and light kettlebells/dumbbells, no heavy weights here. We work on coordination, speed, agility, strength and mobility.

Only $12 per class ($48 per month). Ages 3-8 years