Leah is AMAZING! I was nervous trying a personal trainer/boot camp for the first time, but working with Leah has been such a positive and rewarding experience. Leah answered all my questions, encouraged me while I was learning, and has kept me motivated and challenged with a variety of whole body exercises, nutrition counseling, and her inspiring, warm and positive personality. I’ve lost 2 inches and 10+ pounds already, and look and feel better than I have in literally years. I feel strong and confident in my body again, and have more energy to keep up with my kids and busy life. Leah is a skilled, supportive, and motivating fitness professional, and I wholeheartedly recommend her! – Lisa


I came to Leah after being a bit burnt out on Triathlons and Crossfit. I wanted a Trainer who pushed me, but also listened to what I was looking for while showing me the best path to get there. That’s Leah, she listens, adjusts your workout to give you maximum benefits while still making it fun and enjoyable. I never dread going to the gym to train with Leah. It’s fun and I’m seeing results and hitting personal records that I have never see before. – Steve


Training with Leah has been such a rewarding experience.  When I first began training with Leah, I was really worried about not being able to keep up since I had never strength trained before.  I had been trying to find ways to lose weight and realized cardio just wasn’t cutting it.  From my first class, Leah was extremely patient and created work out plans that fit my level.  She explained to me the importance of strength training and burning fat, rather than cardio where all you do is burn calories.  As I continued training with her, Leah would modify exercises every session to challenge me and get me stronger.  I went from barely being able to do a squat while holding on to a chair for support to now doing squats with a 125 lb dumbbell.  All through my progress, Leah has always motivated me to push harder and challenge my body. Even when I think I can’t do something, she encourages me to try, and surprise myself each time when I can do it!  It’s like she knows what my body is capable of more than I do.  I am stronger than I ever have been and I owe it all to Leah!