Graduate of the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI)
Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


Weight loss, muscle gain, body toning, disease prevention, functional improvement, pregnancy weight management, postpartum fat loss, boot camp.

Word of advice: 

Take it step by step, day by day and you’ll get there.

Biggest achievements: 

Being mom to my adorable daughters, making a career change later in life, completing 3 rowIronman competitions, competing in my first powerlifting meet and getting stronger every day for my health and my kids by lifting HEAVY weights!

As an experienced and educated fitness professional, Leah Hardesty works to combine her extensive knowledge with a tough and motivational attitude to ensure her clients achieve success. Leah is a certified personal trainer from the National Personal Training Institute, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and certified TRX Suspension Training instructor. Unlike most certified trainers, Leah engaged in more than 500 hours of classroom and lab instruction about human anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, physiology, corrective exercise, movement patterns and proper spotting and lifting techniques. She is skilled in providing clients with proper fitness evaluations and developing effective exercise programs for all populations and body types based on their fitness goals and medical history. Her specialty areas include: weight loss, muscle gain, body toning, disease prevention, functional improvement, pregnancy weight management, postpartum fat loss.

IMG_98429927990749-300x244Leah’s utmost priority with all her clients, no matter the fitness level, is their safety and comfort level when performing exercises. She ensures that her clients learn proper form and positioning for each and every exercise, maintain proper breathing and how to use the equipment on their own for times outside of sessions. Leah is focused on providing each client with a unique experience by developing a specific exercise regimen based on proper progression, movement ability, overactive/underactive areas and overall goals.

Before becoming a certified personal trainer, Leah was a public relations professional for 12 years. After Leah became a mom to two adorable daughters (ages 4 and 2), Leah dealt with her own weight loss struggle. She gained 65 pounds with both pregnancies and fought hard to lose. After her first pregnancy, Leah only performed cardio to lose weight and achieved some success, but wasn’t satisfied with the result. After her second pregnancy, she combined cardio and strength training, and eventually solely strength training, to lose weight and experience amazing results. In March 2013, six months after her second child was born, Leah weighed 148 pounds, 28% body fat and exactly one year later, she weighed 135 at 18% body fat, and she continues to maintain this healthy body composition. Her own success story has driven her to help others achieve the same gratification in being able to change their body for the better rather than accept it the way it is.




National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certification
Pending degree in Kinesiology at Cal State East Bay (standing senior)


Weight loss, disease prevention, muscle gain and toning, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, functional improvement

Word of advice: 

Set goals, enjoy the difficult process and have fun!

Favorite exercises:

Deadlifts, rows, lunges, planks and box jumps

Biggest Achievement:

Pursuing my Kinesiology degree while working full time, volunteering 100+ hours at Duke University in their Physical Therapy clinic, and finding a career goal that I love and enjoy!